Our Clients


Business Corporation offers integrated facility management service under one roof. The term 'Facility Management' integrates several important aspects demanding experts' intelligent insights into the matter, customized and careful planning as well as precise application. We enjoy excellence in all three crucial aspects leading to unique and unparallel facility management service to the corporate office owners.

Our customer-centric and industry-standard service will convert your workspace into a state-of-the-art environment. And who not knows invigorating atmosphere at workspace enhances workers' creativity? At Business Corporation, it is our goal to provide you with the best solutions for your office space management by integrating the necessary and customized essential into our plans and strategic execution.


'Cleanliness is next to Godliness' – you have surely heard this several times. One of facility management services provided by us is aimed at making and keeping your workspace as clean as possible.


At your office space, you certainly have a number of important files. Those files need to be protected at any cost as manipulation or loss of data will cost you both a fortune and reputation. As a result, your credibility will be at stake. Our experts chalk out the best security plan for the corporate offices so that no outsider can intrude into your workspace without permission.

Building/Flat/Office Repairing & Painting

Everything is subject to wears and tears of time. With the years passing away, your once-upon-a-time beautiful office starts looking dull. We are expert at renovation work including repairing and painting to beautify your office once again.

New Office/Flat/House Interior Designing & Furniture

Interior designing is important not only for your home but also for your office space as well. An aesthetically decorated workspace boosts up workers' energy and also creates an impression for your clients and other outsiders. Our learned and experienced professionals explore their creativity and employ the best techniques to decorate your corporate space as elegantly as imaginable.


It is a part and parcel of our FM service. As a reasonable person, you surely understand the importance of having a good and customized plumbing system. We deal with every detail of plumbing for our corporate clients.

Electrical Works

Electricity is one of the greatest boons of modern science and civilization. We have expert electricians at our den. They are proficient in handling all kinds of electrical works including high tension jobs.

Office Food Arrangement

Despite being a start-up, we confidently provide excellent catering service to the corporate owners across varying sizes of workspace and workforce. With focus on details, knowledge of retail market and insight into entrepreneurial culture, we adopt customer-oriented approach towards office food supply and arrangement.

Food Arrangement for Family & Office Get-Together

We take catering orders for family and office parties and deliver service tailored-made to our clients' needs and strength of affordability.

Pest Control Services

Our integrated FM service also makes it a point that your valuable files and furniture are not damaged by pests. We use new-age pest control techniques to kill pests in an environment-friendly way.